Sunday, March 22, 2009

Betsey and John

I shot this wedding this weekend, and let me tell you it was quite the fiasco. My poor friend Hollie came along, and I am positive that she left with high blood pressure. We were asked to bring the rings and programs to the Ushers, and since I was at the brides place taking pictures of her getting into the limo; I had to rush to get to the wedding before they did. Well Hollie took the box and ran it to the Ushers, and somewhere in the exchange of the box a ring was lost. Hollie felt horrible, so she ran to see if it had fallen out in my car. While she looked in my car, she threw the keys down on the seat and forgot about them. My keys were then locked in my car, and we had to call my husband and get him to drive 40 miles to bring us extra keys...

All turned out well though, and the ring was found. Here are a few shots from the wedding