Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Phone Call...

I got a phone call last week. Let me just narrate how the phone call went...

Cell phone rings.

Me: Hello?

Odd person: Hi, Can I speak to Rochelle Pochily. ( She completely pronounced my name wrong.)

Me: This is her.

OP: I was just calling to inform you that your tire was found on Dale Mabry highway today. It was traced back to you, and you now have a court date for your lost tire.

Me: What? How the hell did I lose a tire and not know it? Wait, that is nearly impossible.

OP: I am just the person who is supposed to notify you Maam.

Me: Seriously lady, it is just not possible. ( Thinking to my self for a few short seconds "Wait did I Lose a tire?" and then realizing how could I of driven with 3 tires.)

OP: Maam, your court date will be April 16th. You will be getting a letter in the mail shortly to remind you of that date.

Me: Lady, it doesn't make sense.... Do the math, 4 tires equals movable vehicle, 3 tires does not.

OP: You don't need to get an attitude with me, I am just the one informing you.

I finally hang the phone up, and I have this puzzled look on my face. Jason stars asking me about the strange caller. I tell him the story and he tells me to ignore it because first off tires aren't registered to you, 2nd off you would notice a tire missing, and 3rd off you would not get a call from some one.

I was seriously laughing my ass off, because for a split 2nd I thought maybe I did lose a tire... I am truly a flake sometimes.

lol, what a funny prank call. I did find out later that night it was my little sister and her friend doing the pranking.....